Yoga at The Oaks

Relaxation & Meditation Classes

Take time to relax, de-stress and unwind.
Experience simple and effective meditation & relaxation exercises to:

We use breathing exercises, mindfulness meditation & guided meditation, visualisations using colour and nature and music - to experience different ways of relaxing and letting go of tension. We use simple meditation and concentration exercises to focus and quieten the mind and to connect with your own 'inner knowing'. We experience stillness, space and the peace of silence in deep relaxation.

Letting go of accumulated and habitually held tension in our minds and bodies can release new energy and bring lightness, joy and creativity into our lives.

An opportunity to get quiet and still helps let go of pressure, anxieties and constant busyness. Meditation and relaxation provide a space to really listen to our inner selves. This can bring calmness, strength and a quiet and sensitive contact with who you really are, in your essence.

The Oaks is a peaceful and nurturing environment where you can enjoy the small friendly groups and feel safe and supported. The Relaxation and Meditation classes offer a gentle and enjoyable experience – time out for you to relax, reflect and renew your energy – leading to a clear mind, tranquil heart and overall sense of balance and wellbeing.

For classes and workshops please see Timetable and contact me re availability. Pre-booking is necessary.