Yoga at The Oaks

Yoga For All

I hold small friendly classes with lots of personal attention. My style is thoughtful and reflective, yet friendly and interactive. I teach Hatha yoga and my approach is chiefly Scaravelli-inspired. There is also an Humanistic influence.

This way of practicing yoga takes a clear focus and develops a patient and compassionate understanding of yourself and your body - working with yourself rather than against yourself.

Yoga is a way of getting in touch with yourself on many levels. Caring for yourself physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Learning how to really listen to your body and become more sensitive to its needs. Developing an understanding and "good use" of your muscles and joints so that you move with freedom, grace and ease in your daily life.

The class usually consists of an opening relaxation, some simple movements to prepare the body, asanas (exercises/movements) and breathing with a specific focus, meditation and a final relaxation.

It's suitable for different levels of experience as everyone is encouraged to work at their own pace and with close connection to their own needs.

It's a slow and thoughtful form of yoga which develops concentration and focus and deepens your awareness - a bit like "meditation in movement" or "mindfulness" yoga. Tension is released, aches and pains are eased and there is an opportunity to drop into that deep quiet place inside you, where you can rest.

I teach how to work closely and respectfully with your body to bring health, balance, peace and awareness.